The Latino Business Association of the University of California at Santa Barbara was founded in 1983 as a student chapter of the Santa Barbara Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. We are affiliated with the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) and are a subcommittee of El Congreso. Our organization is one of several branches of the United Latino Students Association (ULSA) which serves as an umbrella organization for Latino based organizations in universities across Southern California. ULSA  creates a network of opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students to effectively communicate between CSUs, UCs, and private universities. Our UCSB chapter’s mission statement focuses on highlighting three pillars: Professionalism, Community Service, and Social. Our membership is comprised of individuals from diverse ethnic backgrounds, as well as academic disciplines who are interested in building their Professional skills and preparing for their career of interest. Together, the members of the Latino Business Association strive to learn the imperative responsibilities that are inherent within the working world, by emphasizing in academic, communal, and corporate networks.

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