Meet our Executive Board


Krystalyn Llanes,


Krystalyn (She/Her/Hers) is the LBA President for 2020-21.. She is a third year Economics & Accounting major from Downey, CA. She enjoys hiking, reading, amateur photography, band shows, and beach trips! She hopes to continue giving back to the LBA organization this year, and appreciates the outgoing community that LBA fosters. She is excited to work towards expanding LBA, increasing its presence, and helping the next generation of Latinx professionals become familiar with life after graduation!


Sandra Perez,

Vice President 

Sandra (She/Her/Hers) is the LBA Vice President for 2020-21.. She is a third year Sociology major from Los Angeles, CA. She enjoys watching Netflix, listening to Harry Styles, baking, painting with her sister, and going on road trips! After graduation, she hopes to attend law school and become a Civil Rights Attorney! She wants to continue using her knowledge and experience with the professional world to help members and serve as a resource for them. She is very excited to see the LBA Familia grow further this year, and hopes to make LBA a safe and welcoming space for all!


Allegra Sasser


Danielle Perez,

Administrative Director

Danielle (She/Her/Hers) is the LBA Administrative Director for 2020-21. She is a third year Sociology major and LGBTQ+ Studies minor from Soledad, CA. She loves to play volleyball, read, and bake! After graduation, she plans to treat herself to a vacation and work with K-12 students to help them achieve academic success. She hopes that all our Familia continues to stay safe, successful, and healthy this year during COVID-19. She also hopes to make a positive impact while on LBA E-Board.


Juan Arias,

Financial Director

Juan is the LBA Financial Director for 2020-21. He is a third year Economics & Accounting major from Downey, CA. In his meantime, he enjoys reading and learning about the financial world, such as about Wall Street! During COVID-19, he has developed an interest in buying and growing plants at home. He aspires to work for risk advisory in either Big 4 Accounting or Investment Banking!


Katherine Melendez,

Community Service Director

Katherine (She/Her/Hers) is the LBA Community Service Director for 2020-21. She is a third year Political Science major and History minor from South San Francisco, CA. Her interests include exploring diverse types of makeup styles and sharing new music. She hopes to pursue a career in international politics through either nonprofits or grassroots organizations. This year, she hopes to continue providing rewarding opportunities for members and to continue spreading positivity despite COVID-19.

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Gerardo Labrada,

Social Director

Gerardo (He/Him/His) is the LBA Social Director for 2020-21. He is a fourth year Global Studies major and Black Studies minor from Modesto, CA. Some of his hobbies include learning about the culinary arts, exercising, and ATV riding! He aspires to enroll in law school after graduation, and dreams to become an Economic Justice Attorney. He wanted to join LBA E-Board as he believes the organization fosters an ambiance where members are able to grow professionally, academically, and personally. He hopes to continue seeing members grow and prosper this year!


Benjamin Martinez,

Public Relations Director 

Benjamin (He/Him/His) is the LBA Public Relations Director for 2020-21. He is a third year Communication major and Anthropology minor from Garden Grove, CA. He enjoys hiking, traveling, sports, listening to music, and exercising! He hopes to either work in the business or media & film sectors in the future. He hopes to set the precedent for this new LBA position and bring much exposure to our organization this year!


Jaylene Gutierrez, 

Corporate Fundraising Director

Jaylene (She/Her/Hers) is the LBA Corporate Fundraising Director for 2020-21. She is a third year Communication and Sociology double major from Oxnard, CA. In her free time, she enjoys going to the beach, discovering and eating at new restaurants, and thrifting! She cannot wait to meet and interact with new members this year!


Nicholas Guardado,

ULSA Representative

Nicholas (He/Him/His) is one of the LBA ULSA Representatives for 2020-21. He is a third year Global Studies and Geography double major with a Portuguese minor from Los Angeles, CA. He loves playing and watching soccer, listening to music, traveling, and learning new languages! He hopes to attend Grad school someday and establish a stronger bridge between members and ULSA this year. He wants to provide members with a wide array of opportunities for networking so that they may attain jobs and internships!


Daniel Hernandez,

ULSA Representative

Daniel (He/Him/His) is one of the LBA ULSA Representatives for 2020-21. He is a third year Political Science major from Gridley, CA. He loves listening to all types of music and artists, such as Banda music and Daddy Yankee! He also loves getting together with friends and playing the guitar. He hopes to attend Grad school someday and pursue a career as a Criminal Defense or Medical Law Attorney. He looks forward to meeting members this year, both new and returning. He also hopes to provide both members and LBA with the resources given through ULSA. 


Alfredo Quintero Fernandez,

Recruitment & Programs Director

Alfredo (He/Him/His) is the LBA Recruitment & Programs Director for 2020-21. He is a third year Sociology major from Lamont, CA. He loves all things outdoors such as biking, fishing, and hiking! He also loves drawing, painting, and cooking. He also hopes to work in counseling for low income communities such as in his hometown. Despite COVID-19, he wants to reassure members that LBA will work to provide a memorable and wonderful experience for all! He also wants to provide members with a resourceful and productive mentorship program this year to help them establish great connections.


Lupita Santoyo,

Marketing Director

Lupita (She/Her/Hers) is the LBA Marketing Director for 2020-21. She is a third year Mathematical Science and Film & Media Studies double major from Los Banos, CA. She loves making new music playlists, photography, being a plant mom, and having dance parties in her room! Her goal is to go into the film & media industry and work for either social media or marketing. She wants members to know that LBA will make the most of our current situation and that she will work to make good content for LBA! 


Jamileth (She/Her/Hers) is the LBA Human Relations Director for 2020-21. She is a third year Global Studies major with minors in both Education and Applied Psychology from El Monte, CA. She is a Virgo who has been vegetarian for over 7 years, loves roller skating, and has dyed her hair in every color of the rainbow! After graduation, she expects to pursue her PhD in Global Health to help promote health, equity, and support to underserved communities. She ultimately hopes to continue providing LBA's Familia and members with a safe, positive, and inclusive space in order to make them feel supported.

Jamileth Rodriguez,

Human Relations Director


Liliana Linan (She/Her/Hers) is the LBA External Relations Director for 2020-21. She is a second year Communication and Film & Media Studies double major with a minor in French. She is from Los Angeles, CA and loves writing, listening to music, watching films and TV shows, and going to concerts. She also prides herself in being a coffee and boba connoisseur. In the future, she hopes to work either as an entertainment journalist or in the entertainment business. She hopes to expose LBA members to new professionals this year, so as to open an array of skills, internships, and opportunities for them!

Liliana Linan,

External Relations Director