The mission of the Latino Business Association is to construct a communication bridge between our members and corporate America. We actively seek internships and employment positions in the careers corresponding to Business Law, Marketing, Advertisement, Accounting, and any other opportunities that may interest our members. As a student-run, non-profit organization, we thrive on a variety of activities to complete and fulfill our goals. In doing so, we have built a firm foundation through various careers exposition, leadership conferences, community involvement, excellent guest speakers, and fundraisers.


Together, the members of the Latino Business Association strive to learn the imperative responsibilities that are inherent within the working world, by emphasizing in academic, communal, and corporate networks. At our meetings, members are given the opportunity to interact one on one with guest speakers from companies such as Wells Fargo, Santa Barbara Bank and Trust, Progressive, Target, Merrill Lynch, Ernst & Young, and so on. Members are also provided workshops for a wide spectrum of skill sets. Outside of our meetings, LBA is part of an umbrella of California based college groups called the United Latino Students Association.