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The Alumni of LBA 

Class of 2018

Every one of our alumni is important to our ever growing familia. Click on each photo and link to learn the story of each of our graduated alumni and their journey following their time in LBA. The Class of 2018 was the first page in the renovation of the "Alumni Yearbook" previously known as "Alumni Corner".

President 2017-2018 Financial Director 2016-2017 Administrative Director 2015-2016 BA: Economics and Accounting Minor: Eduaction

Josabeth Diaz

Internal Vice President 2017-2018 External Social Director 2016-2017 Community Service 2014-2015 BA: Global Studies

Linda Vargas

External Vice President 2017-2018 External Vice President 2016-2017 Recruitment Director 2015-2016 BA: Sociology Minor: Education

Justin Contreras

Financial Director 2017-2018 Fundraising Director 2016-2017 BA: Economics and Accounting

Mel Rodriguez

ULSA Representative 2017-2018 BA: Sociology Minor: Women, Culture, and Development

Vanessa Valerio

ULSA Representativ 2017-2018 Administrative Director 2016-2017 BA: Global Studies

Mauriana Faison

Social Director 2017-2018 BA: Sociology Minors: History and Education

Maria Miramontes

External Relations Director 2017-2018 BA: Philosophy - Ethics & Public Policy

Jorge Santillan

External Professional Affairs Assistant 2018 Community Service Director 2016-2017 BA: Global Studies

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