This is the second year LBA is offering an LBA Alumni Scholarship where only the graduating class is eligible to apply. Special Thanks to LBA Alumni, Armando Torres for contributing to the establishment of the LBA Alumni Scholarship in 2019.

After filling out the application for the scholarship, please schedule an interview.

"The LBA alumni scholarship came into fruition after reflecting on the values and pillars of the Latinx Business Association at UCSB: professionalism, service, and socialization. My earliest recollection from my time at UCSB was the moment the current president of LBA at the time took me to buy my first business suit for the first annual “Who We Can Be” Leadership Conference; the first leadership conference of its kind. I did not own a proper suit nor did I know how to conduct myself professionally or even socialize being introverted and quiet by nature. I hope that with this scholarship, new and old members, can remember the mission and vision of LBA and continue to help and support each other even after they graduate. My hope is that we continue to build a strong network of alumni, grow as an organization and as professionals. Thank you LBA for great friendships, mentors, and for helping me build the foundation for where I stand today."


- Armando J. Torres, M.Ed.

UCSB Class of 2012

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