The UCSB LBA Mentorship Program gives members the opportunity to be matched with an Executive Board member or upperclassman. Mentors provide mentees with academic assistance, support, and advice throughout their LBA and UCSB experience. Mentors have provided bios to help members get an idea of which mentor they would like to be matched with. During COVID-19, the LBA Mentorship Program will be conducted virtually! For additional mentor or mentee application information, please contact LBA's Recruitment & Programs Director:  Alfredo Quintero Fernandez (email:





Krystalyn Llanes

Hey! I'm Krystalyn! I am a 3rd year, from the LA area, working towards a double major in Communication and Sociology. Some of my favorite memories at UCSB are the evenings I get to spend by the beach with my friends. I really enjoy beach days in IV and along the coast, exploring SB, and relaxing on weekends. Relaxing for me looks like time watching Netflix, reading a good book, or cooking. I also spend a lot of time with my dog that I just brought to IV this summer. In my past two years at UCSB, I've discovered the importance of self-care and time management. I look forward to helping my mentees enjoy their experiences at UCSB and guiding them through their academics. If you need anything, feel free to reach out!

Benjamin Martinez

Hey everybody, my name is Ben Martinez! I am a current 3rd year Communication major and Anthropology minor, and am from Garden Grove, CA. My friends would most describe me as outgoing, playful, hardworking, and energetic. In my free time, I like doing things like listening to music, working out, hiking and traveling, watching horror movies, and amateur photography! I'm passionate about things like cooking, environmentalism, and sports. As your mentor, I want to help you with absolutely anything you may need, whether related to school, LBA, or general life advice. I want to serve as your number one resource and help make your college experience the best it can possibly be, especially during COVID-19.

Lupita Santoyo

Hi, my name is Lupita Santoyo! I am a third year Mathematical Science and Film & Media Studies double major! I am from Los Banos, CA... AKA the Central Valley! My friends would describe me as bubbly and fun! My favorite things to do in my free time is binge things on Netflix, drink coffee, listen to music, and have mini dance parties. I love trying new things, whether it be with food, places, and activities! I hope to help my mentees with navigating this stressful college online experience, and be there for them whenever they need academic and/or personal advice!

Danielle Perez

Hello everyone! My name is Danielle Perez, I also go by Dani, and I am a third year Sociology major with a minor in LGBTQ+ Studies. Also, I am originally from Soledad, CA, which is in the Central Coast area. During my free time, I love to read, play Animal Crossing, go for walks, hang out with friends, and listen to music. Some of my favorite artists are Harry Styles, Little Mix, Lizzo, Kacey Musgraves, Sam Smith, and Rihanna! Since I have started my undergraduate studies, I have accomplished finding a sense of self-love and respect, as well as coming out of my own comfort zone to no longer be afraid to try new things (which was a huge step for me). Some of my favorite memories while being at UCSB are finding the most perfect people to call my friends/family and, of course, joining LBA and becoming apart of this new Familia. With my mentees, I hope to help guide them through both their academic and personal lives, and to create a genuine bond like no other.

Justin Zuñiga

Hello, my name is Justin Zuniga. I am a 4th year transfer student studying for Film & Media Studies major. My hometown that I grew up in is Inglewood, CA. I enjoy many things in life, but I'm very passionate about film, music, travel, and food. On my free time, I listen to music and play the guitar. I also take a lot of photos of things I see on my daily outings, which is mainly the sun. My favorite memories all include LBA since this is where I found my friends and people who can understand me. I love to watch movies. I can sit and watch them for hours, therefore I can quote some main lines. However, my favorite quote is from an artist that I love listening to. He says, "I am an architect of days that haven't happened yet." I hope you understand what that means, if not don't be afraid to ask! I'll tell you my interpretation of the line because, "You can sing a song to 85,000 people and they'll sing it back for 85,000 different reasons." -David Grohl

Jaylene Gutierrez

Hello everyone! My name is Jaylene Gutierrez, I am a 3rd year from Oxnard, CA, studying Communication and Sociology. My friends would describe me as easy-going, friendly, and fun. During my free time I enjoy tanning at the beach, playing with my dog, going on picnics with friends and listening to music. I could also spend hours watching TV shows on Netflix! Some of my favorites are New Girl, The Office, Money Heist, Pose and documentary series like Unsolved Mysteries. I am passionate about social justice and self-awareness, but also less complicated things like good food and exploring new places! I hope to be a resource to you all, and be someone you trust during your college experience! My goal is to make at least one person's experience a good one by being someone they can count on.

Giovanna Gonzalez

Hi! My name is Giovanna. I was a Business Economics major (Class of 2011) and former LBA member. I learned a lot during my time at LBA and met some of my best friends here. I'm happy to have the opportunity to volunteer virtually. My first job after graduating was a claims adjuster at Progressive Insurance. I did a career pivot and got started in finance. I am now in work investment reporting at Northern Trust Asset Management. I create monthly reports that show how an investor's money performed during a period of time. These reports are then used to make recommendations to the investor on how they could better invest their money to make it grow. Some of the things I'd like to help my mentee with include how to dress for an interview/job, how to act in a professional setting, how to advocate for yourself in the workplace, how to negotiate salary, how to be a feminist at work, and much more! I'm also a personal finance junkie and can talk to you all day about things like creating a budget and saving for retirement. On a personal level, I enjoy spending time with my two dogs, watching movies with my partner, doing barre and TikTok-ing. My favorite memory at UCSB are the crazy Halloweens.

Sandra Perez


Hello, my name is Sandra Perez (she/her/hers). I am a 3rd year Sociology major, and my hometown is Los Angeles, CA. Some of my favorite things to do during my free time are to watch Netflix, paint canvases, go on road trips, sight-seeing, and listening to music (especially Harry Styles <3). I hope to be a resource to my mentees, help navigate them during these chaotic times, and be a friend. My favorite memory at UCSB so far was during my freshman year during Week 0, where a bunch of my friends and I played hide-and-go-seek on campus at midnight. It was so much fun running around campus in the dark. My favorite quotes that I live by are, "Lose the fear and you'll be unstoppable" and "Everything happens for a reason."

Nicholas Guardado


Hey, my name is Nicholas Guardado, and I am a 3rd year Global Studies and Geography double major with a minor in Portuguese. I am from North East Los Angeles, specifically Highland Park. Some of my favorite hobbies to do is to play soccer and explore new music. I can spend hours doing both. I also enjoy going for runs on some occasions, and my favorite food is hot wings. What I hope to get through the mentorship program is to be a great resource for my mentees, whether it's academically or socially. My favorite quote is, "The biggest risk in life is to not take any."

Juan Arias

Hello LBA members! I'm your Financial Director, Juan Arias. I'm a third year Econ and Accounting student also pursuing the strategic investment program (SIP). My hometown is Downey, CA near the LA area. My favorite things to do in my free time are reading thrillers and financial literacy books. I could spend hours (and I do already!) researching about climate change solutions and current world events. Two things I feel like I've completed during my time at UCSB are networking and cherishing fun moments with my friends. My friends would describe me as talkative yet studious!

Katherine Melendez

Hello, my name is Katherine Melendez! Some of my favorite things to do in my free time are exploring makeup going thrifting. Whenever I'm not studying, I usually spend my time on TikTok and trying to recreate new food dishes. Something I'm passionate about is International politics and more explicitly exploring the effects of imperialism developing countries. Something that I've mastered in my time at UCSB is time management and coming out of my shell, since before coming to UCSB I would oftentimes procrastinate and refrain from interacting with others. Something I hope to accomplish from being a mentor is for me to be a resource for my mentees and to allow them to find a support system away from home!

Jamileth Rodriguez

Hello! My name is Jamileth Rodriguez, I am a first generation college student, and I look forward to meeting you! I am a very friendly, talkative, and honest person no matter the consequences. I am currently a third year Global Studies major with a minor in Education, and I am from El Monte, CA. I would gladly like to help you navigate UCSB and help you excel overall as a person and a student. My friends describes me as exactly this: "I think you're cool and straight-forward... I would say you're funny and have a good sense of humor." I hope we are both able to connect at a deeper level and learn from each other. I am very involved on campus and tend to be busy, but I know how to manage my time properly. Don't every be afraid to ask any questions, and I will do my very best to help you with anything you need!

Alfredo Quintero-Fernandez

Hey there, my name is Alfredo Quintero, but I also like to go by Freddie. I am a 3rd year Sociology major and I am from Bakersfield, CA. I am also LBA's Recruitment & Programs Director this year. I'm very passionate about helping others, specifically being a resource for my friends and the communities I am a part of. My goal is to go back to my community and give back in any ways that I can. My friends would describe me as easy-going and friendly, also as being a person that is easy to talk to. I hope to provide my mentees with a valuable mentorship experience as well as a new friendship. I think that has always been my favorite part of UCSB, since I made a lot of new friends and learned to become more social. I love to play sports, cook, draw, play video games, or just relax at the beach with my free time. I could also spend my hours fishing, mainly when I have a lot of time on my hands.

Samantha Romo

Hello, my name is Sam and I am a fourth year Communication major with a minor in Spanish. My hometown is west Los Angeles. I love to be productive by being outdoors, kicking the soccer ball around, going to the beach, or sewing a new outfit for my friends/family. After graduating, I hope to travel to a Spanish-speaking country and work for about a year out there. My friends would describe me as outgoing, nice, yet someone who knows how to have fun. I am passionate about helping women gain empowerment and confidence, especially in the workplace.