The UCSB LBA Mentorship Program gives members the opportunity to be matched with an Executive Board member or upperclassman. Mentors provide mentees with academic assistance, support, and advice throughout their LBA and UCSB experience. Mentors have provided bios to get an idea of which mentor you would like to be matched with. For mentorship mentee or mentor application please contact the Mentorship Program Director:  Keary Mendoza (Email:





Jazmin Rosario

Hi! I am a fourth-year majoring in Film/Media Studies, double major in Art. Minor in Education and double minor in Applied Psychology. It’s a bad haha! My hometown is the Coachella Valley. My friends would describe me as determined, hardworking, and independent. I hope to help my mentee grow professionally and personally. I am here to provide support and guidance in whichever form possible! “Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits”

Krystal Llanes

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Hi! I’m from the Los Angeles area. I’m a second year Economics and Accounting major. I like to hike, explore and shoot film photos. I enjoy being out with friends or staying in and spending too much time on Netflix. I’m always down to grab a coffee, boba, or Yerba and hang out. Also I’m here if you need help studying or getting around. 
“When you learn, TEACH. When you get, GIVE.”

Abel Ramos

Hello, I'm Abel, a 4th year Linguistics major minoring in Educational Studies and Labor Studies. I’m from Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley and transferred from a junior college last year! During my free time I enjoy going out with friends to eat or explore DT Santa Barbara. Friends would describe me as easy-going, determined, and out-going. I hope to help my mentee manage responsibilities. I strive for them to not only do well academically but also engage in social and volunteering events.

Enrique Flores

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Hello! I am a 4th year. My hometown is Downey, California. Some of my favorite things to do when I have free time are reading, listening to audiobooks/seminars, and watching movies. I am extremely passionate about living up to my potential and helping others do the same. My favorite quote is from Batman Begins, one of my favorite superhero movies. "It's not who you are underneath, it's what you do that defines you."

Justin Zuñiga

My friends usually call me by my last name Zuñiga and I prefer it. I am a third year Film and Media Studies major. My hometown is Inglewood. During my free time I write short stories and edit photos or videos. My favorite quote is by John Mayer. In his song, "A Face to Call Home" the very first lines, "I am an architect of days that haven't happened yet." From that I can say I am passionate not only about movies but also in music. Music is what helps me stay focus and doesn't let my mind wonder.

Juan Arias

Hey future mentee! My name is Juan, I am a 2nd year Econ and Accounting major. I’m from Downey, CA and I’m extremely passionate about the world of finance. In my free time I enjoy exploring new places, like visiting new places in nearby big cities. And one of my favorite things to do in my free time is workout, with both sports and in the gym.

Danny Jimenez

Hello! I am a third-year Sociology major. My hometown is Sacramento CA. If some of my friends were to describe me they would say I am funny, understanding and very sarcastic. During my free time, i like to read occasionally, go for runs on the beach, workout or play soccer (I passionately support America and Real Madrid). I could spend hours watching comedy as it fills me with joy to laugh my lungs out, I am a big fan of Dave Chapelle.

Allegra Sasser


Hi! I am a fourth year Financial Mathematics and Statistics. I'm from Berkeley. My favorite things to do during my free time are talking walks, watching tv comedies, and martial arts. I could spend hours watching Parks and Rec and the Office. My favorite quote is from Mr. Stanley Hudson: “Boy have you lost your mind cause I’ll help you find it”. I’m passionate about learning about the financial world and wealth management. I'm super excited to meet my future mentee(s)!

Nick Guardado

IMG_20190823_194935_912 - Nicholas Guard

Hey Everybody. I am a second year Global Studies major also doing a certificate in Sports Management. I am from Los Angeles specifically Highland Park. During my free time, I play soccer, video games, and go to the movie theaters. I hope to help my mentee transition through college. I also hope to help them with knowing the do's and don'ts of UCSB. I want to help them not only set goals but also guide them to achieve those goals. "The biggest risk in life is to not take any".

Joshua Gonzalez

Friends would describe me as caring, fun loving, and open minded. I hope to help my mentee by sharing what I have learned about UCSB and life in general. I will be there to offer advice and will push them out of their comfort zone. In my free time I enjoy: Hanging with friends, watching movies, playing games, grabbing/cooking food, going to the beach, talking about life and random stuff. 
 “Dying is Easy, Living is Harder” -George Washington (Hamilton the Musical)

Sandra Perez

20190704_190239 - Sandra Perez-Badillo.j

Hello, my name is Sandra Perez-Badillo. I am a second year majoring in Political Science, and I am from Los Angeles. Things I love to do on my free time is read books, go for runs, play soccer, explore new places, and go to the beach to chill and relax. One of the things I am really passionate about is activism for social justice topics, and helping others. My friends would describe me as friendly, outgoing, understanding, and optimistic.

Gerardo Labrada

Hey! my pronouns are He/Him/His. I am a 3rd year Global Studies Major and recent transfer from Modesto, CA. I self identify as a QPOC. My friends often describe me as Charismatic, Bubbly and Fun-loving. I enjoy learning about Political economy and am a self-styled mental health maven. In my free time I enjoy socializing, exercising and joyful excursions. I hope to help my mentee by providing guidance, support, and fun experiences through this academic and professional development.

Keary Mendoza

Hey! I'm a second-year pre-Communications major from South Central Los Angeles. I want to be a resource for my mentee. It is not always easy knowing what questions to ask or where to ask. I am passionate about mentorship because it gives me the opportunity to share with others my struggles and what helped me overcome them. I am also excited to learn from my mentee. During my free time, I go thrifting, do arts &crafts, journal, and hang out with friends.

Esmeralda Oropeza


Hi! I am a 2nd year currently undeclared with a minor in Production & Design. I am from Santa Ana, Orange County. During my free time I like to watch Youtube, specifically David Dobrik, listen to music and go to concerts. I could spend hours watching tv shows such as Grey's Anatomy, The Fosters and The Flash. Also, my favorite quote for the laugh is "I do remember and then when I try to remember I forget."

Cristina Diaz

Hi! My pronouns are (she/her/hers). I am a queer first generation college student from the Bay Area (Richmond). I am a senior majoring in Chemistry with a minor in Math and Science Ed. I consider myself an easy going person. I make the most out of situations. I could spend hours rewatching The Office or listening to Spanish Rock. I hope to build a lasting relationship with my future mentee(s) and help them make the most out of their experience at UCSB.